BENATON is a brand created for home appliance, Kitchen appliance and personal care solutions by the mindset of helping thousands of people getting the product they need in the best quality for every product in affordable prices.

BENATON Ltd founded in the early 1995 and keep growing since then thanks to thousands of people who believe in our mission.

We are led by our slogan for years "Quality is Everything" and we had created tremendous value for our partners throw the years.

Our teams surrounded by professionals in any position brought to the company the acquaintanceship of leading company in the electronic consuming market.


We specialized in creating a top-ranked kitchen appliance product that fits the customer need. 

producing We believe in quality so we are focusing on the crucial point ofthe products in innovative technologies that assure the quality.

BENATON is a brand created for home appliance solutions.

We are regenerating the home appliance market by creating valuable products that will last for years.